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Letter: A-listing in 2017

So we’ve come to year’s end when we smile, celebrate and resolve to better our circumstances, our accomplishments and our behaviors.

As many of you either know or will discover, it takes commitment and teamwork to make new year’s resolutions come true in real life.

If my chosen magnificent posse stays on the true-blue right path with me, then Carol, Maggie, Michelle, Diane, Margie, Janelle and a few others will work wonders that never cease to amaze as I wheel and deal like Getty, Rockefeller and


Perhaps Tamara Mellon and Milla Jovovich may join my chosen magnificent posse as it becomes a cluster of Star Spangled Banner star-bursts in Beverly Hills and gets the full attention of the Rodeo Drive Committee and its global high-end merchant princes and Pierre Balmain.

See you real soon if I decide to rub high-society shoulders with a few select of my personal choice. A patrician is wise to be more judicious among the questionable mass affluent consumer market. Exclusivity is so en vogue, don’t you agree?

Enuff said.

Emzy Veazy III

Aspen and Burbank, California