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Letter: A big boost for Aspen School District

It is with great delight and relief that I write to express my gratitude for the overwhelming support from our community in passing ballot initiatives 2A and 2D. When our state can’t fulfill their responsibility to our children, we look for ways to ensure that our students continue to receive the award-winning education that the faculty, staff and Board of Education are determined to provide.

I also want to thank the army of volunteers who made phone calls, knocked on doors, wrote letters, and acted as our ambassadors within our community. Without their tireless work we would be facing difficult program, staff, faculty and support services cuts.

Now the district can move forward as good stewards of the resources and trust. Because of your confidence in us, we will continue to be an asset to the community and strive to prepare your children to be thoughtful and educated citizens of our ever-changing world.

Dr. John Maloy

Superintendent, Aspen School District

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