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Lee: My Tucker’s a lifesaver

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I want to tell you about Tucker, my medical alert service dog. He was placed with me by Farrah Fry at Endless Pawsibilities. She could not have picked a more perfect match.

I need him for numerous tasks, but most important is his ability to detect and stop seizures. This was the one of the many things Farrah had trained Tucker to do.

Tucker was trained to do deep pressure therapy, where he steps over my body and lays down over my chest. I had always been on the receiving end of this experience until this past fall.

While visiting my family in western New York, my father had a stroke. During an early morning episode, I ran to my parents’ bedroom, and my mom was calling 911. I found my father struggling and helped him to the floor. I felt helpless watching him struggle, then I felt Tucker step by me and over my father.

He then turned to me and looked into my eyes as he laid down across my dad’s chest. My father immediately stopped flailing and gasped for air, and the color returned to my dad’s face. I was in awe as I witnessed this as I have always been the one being saved.

I am humbled and full of gratitude to what Tucker has done for me – and now for my father in such a serious time of need. Tucker knew what to do,etter

and he did his service. I am forever grateful for the partnership I have with Tucker Freedom Lee and blessed for his presence in my life. 

Mari Lee