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Leave Aspen Mountain alone

Don’t Vail-ify Aspen

Don’t mess with our slopes

Don’t Vail-ify Aspen;

We’re not a bunch of dopes!

No giant cruise ships up on the hill

Leaving our town to foot the bill!

Don’t Vail-ify Aspen

Don’t mess with our slopes.

We’ve a priceless possession

Totally pristine slopes

Don’t Vail-ify Aspen

Don’t you dare shatter our hopes

Don’t screw around with our zoning

And kindly don’t trash our slopes

Don’t Vail-ify Aspen

We’re not yet on the ropes.

Bring us a tele-mix ski lift

Bring us museums and fun

But don’t Vail-ify Aspen

That really won’t help anyone!

Enna Kutz


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