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Lead with Love: Look who’s knocking at the door again

Gina Murdock
Lead with Love

I started this column two years ago with the intention of sharing positive things we could do to combat all the negativity I was feeling and hearing.

It was just before the 2020 presidential election, and we had an inspiring program running called “Love in Action.” Each week, we would gather to make calls, write letters, or take other action to combat issues of racial injustice, environmental destruction, or other threats to our democracy. I remember feeling more buoyant at the end of those calls, not so deflated by all of the things that are going wrong.

I did — and still do — feel that taking positive action is at the heart of healing. We needed healing then, and we desperately need it now.

I remember feeling so stressed about the 2020 election. I personally couldn’t believe that people I actually knew (and millions of others) were supportive of Donald Trump and his allies after watching him in action for four years. I felt separate from them. They were not like me, I thought. I bought into the illusion of separation. Here we are before the midterms, and I feel it all over again. I am not like “them.” They are so wrong, I/we are right. I know this is dangerous territory. It is fear. It is me buying into the illusion of separation once again. Damn it. 

Our mission at Lead with Love is to shift culture from fear to love. We can only shift when we start to recognize where fear resides inside of us, what it sounds like and feels like. When I feel fear take up residence inside me, lying down on the couch with some popcorn and candy, putting its feet up, and grabbing the remote control, I know I must pay close attention to my thoughts, words, and actions because my higher self is not in control. Just when I want to relax and enjoy my favorite peace, love, and unity show, fear f—ing changes the channel. Fear turns on the news and shows in graphs and pictures and in sarcastic, self-righteous bobblehead commentary a thousand million terrible things. Then, fear turns up the volume. 

I am the founder of a non-profit organization dedicated to shifting culture from fear to love, and I can feel myself operating from fear. How can I stay on the peace and love and “we are one” channel (which is what I believe to be the truth of who we are) when fear has the remote control?

As this next election looms large, with massive consequences for people’s rights on the line, I am scared. I feel the constriction of fear. I am scared that we are so divided as a nation and within our families. I am concerned for the environment and the quality of the experience we have on planet earth for me and my children. I am baffled by the lack of accountability for people in power breaking laws and perpetuating lies. I am nervous about the global turn toward nationalism, blaming others for our problems instead of working together toward solutions. A recession, increasing homelessness, hunger, death by suicide, addiction, violence, mass shootings, war, nuclear disaster … yikes! Change the channel, please. 

I recognize fear is coming for a visit. It’s got a big suitcase packed like it’s planning to stay a long while, but I think not. I know better. I know small positive actions to combat feelings of overwhelm and hopelessness work. I know I need to focus on what’s working versus everything that is not. I know I need to watch what content I take into my mind the same way I am mindful about what I put into my body. I know I am nothing if I am not an agent for love in this lifetime. I have to continue to choose love even when it feels like the harder choice. I know fear, judgment, blame, and delusion will always come a’ knocking, and it’s up to me whether I choose to let them in.

Gina Murdock is the founder of Lead with Love. Her views expressed here are her own, not that of the organization. Please get out, and vote! (Go Adam!) For more info on voting in Pitkin County, check out http://www.pitkinvotes.com. Come Together: Lead with Love is partnering with The Aspen Chapel to offer a Thursday Satsang through Nov 17. Everyone is welcome to come participate. Call (970) 355-4243 for more info. For more information about Lead with Love, go to http://www.ileadwithlove.org.