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Law: Doing great by my score

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I had a soldier come up to me in my Army Reserve unit back in 1987 and tell me, “If you don’t attain 100% on the Army’s physical-fitness test, then someone can say, ‘You could have done better.’” That was my motivation for working extra hard to attain 100% for the 13 years that followed. 

Politics is much the same. If you vote 100% constitutionally, then no patriotic person can tell you that you fell short or could have done better.  Think how much better off our state and country would be if every politician followed the constitution that they swore to defend against enemies, both foreign and domestic. No inflation, fewer welfare cheats, stellar defense of the nation, no foreign entanglements for the crony-capitalists and a lot more money kept at the local and state levels.  

According to The New American magazine’s Freedom Index, which tracks the constitutional voting records of all U.S. senators and representatives on key issues, Lauren Boebert failed to achieve 100% during her second six-month period in the 117th Congress with 80%. However, her 100% during the first and third six months have earned her an overall 93%, with only two unconstitutional votes out of 30, which is better than any of her Colorado predecessors.

To the armchair critics who denounce Boebert’s bills not being passed: Please note the process and the overwhelming number of unpatriotic, Marxist votes in the House and Senate weighing against her bills, then explain to me how any bill that drains the swamp or elevates the working class can get passed? The anti-American voting is the worst I’ve seen in 49 years of observing tallies. 

The past 18 months of this 117th Congress is horrendous for the 30 votes observed: 35 senators have 0%, Bennet and Hickenlooper scored 7% and 3%, respectively; and, don’t tell any of their supporters, but the one bill they both voted for constitutionally favored fracking. The highest Democratic senator was 20%, while the lowest Republican senator was 47%.

Statistically, no Democrat has achieved a fraction of Boebert’s success, as the highest Dem in the House would please the devil at 23% and 210 were at 7% or less! So, should we gamble that her opponent Adam Frisch will ignore his party and vote his oath of office any better than 23%, much less exceed Boebert’s 93%? And, some people have the temerity to ask, “What’s wrong in D.C.?”

Jerry Law

Glenwood Springs