LaPenna: Affordable yoga for teachers

Dear O2: I want to express my deep gratitude to you for offering educators a way to practice in your beautiful space without it being cost prohibitive. In the past years, Aspen has felt like a town that isn’t really accessible to many of the working-class denizens who fuel its community.

The decision you made to give a discounted rate for teachers is an authentic, powerful way to infuse this valley with all the principles a yoga practice embodies. Seeing the blissful faces of my hard-working colleagues after they rise up from Savasana and bring their practice off the mat into the world makes it even sweeter. It is a tremendous blessing to be able to carve out the space and time to reconnect, mind, body, and spirit in a place that prioritizes wellness and light.

I know that I am a better mother, friend, wife, and teacher as a result. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for providing a gift that will continue to ripple outward in our community.
Maile LaPenna 
Aspen High School