Lankering: Psychedelics can help brain function

Psychedelic and psychotropic drugs are used to alter states of mind. People use these drugs for various reasons. 

Functions of the brain are a result of brainwaves. These affect neurotransmitters and other activities in the body. 

Stressed brain syndrome is an epidemic that is affecting many people. This is the result of accumulated stress. Signs of this include, but are not limited to, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, foggy thinking, ADD, ADHD, PTSD, digestive issues, pain and other health challenges.

A healthy brain should be able to respond and recover from stress. The accumulation of low- and high-grade stress do not allow the brain to recover. This results in the brain getting stuck “like deer in the head lights.”

Neuroplastic abilities of the brain are compromised, and the brain has challenges adapting to the different situations.

When the brain is balanced, the body will be balanced. When the brain is having a difficult time, the body will not be able to be at ease.

Research has shown that the brain can entrain to light and sound frequencies. Brain fitness can be improved by consistent sessions of these programs to make the brain more adaptable. The brain will be able to sleep, wake up, focus, relax and function more effectively.

Many conditions like TBIs, sleep disorders, dementia and others have shown improvement using a new technology. This technology can even achieve the same brain waves that psilocybin mushrooms create. There are methods and technology to improve brain health.

Tom Lankering