Lampe: Soles4Souls collecting used shoes |

Lampe: Soles4Souls collecting used shoes

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I have been the art teacher at the Aspen Middle School for over 20 years. I encourage my students to think creatively, learn about the world around them, and think globally.

Happiness comes from caring about something greater than yourself, believing that you are a contributing component in some much larger entity. 

Visually seeing a huge pile of unwanted shoes gives us the opportunity to think about our own consumerism and how we can give back. Students are involved in collecting gently-used, unwanted shoes to be donated to the organization Soles4Souls.

The students gain an understanding that giving more than they take is rewarding. We are so privileged to have more than we need, Soles4Souls keeps the unwanted shoes out of the landfill and donates used shoes to those in need and also creates small business opportunities to impoverished communities around the world

Please drop off your gently used shoes at The Aspen Middle School before Friday, Nov. 18. For more info, contact me at

Rae Lampe