La Couture: There is an issue at airport |

La Couture: There is an issue at airport

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I have known Mr. (Bill) Sullivan since 1976. He did a great job running Mellow Yellow Taxi (a company that covered the city of Aspen and Pitkin County’s airport). Mr. Sullivan is struggling to comprehend Colorado PUC rules. 

I have been operating my limo service for over 18 years. We know better than anyone that these rules are difficult but must be followed. 

I believethe Pitkin County airport has its own issues. My company has recently been rejected from the limo/taxi circle. This area requires $1.5 million liability insurance to pick up and drop off passengers. That’s a $1 million gap between the PUC statewide regulation at $500,000 for limo service permits. 

My company is happily welcome at every other airport in the state of Colorado. 

My last experience at Aspen’s airport was unacceptable and horrific. I parked in the limo circle to pick up a client. I Needed to use the restroom and proceeded to walk into the airport. Before I was able to enter, I was met by a parking lot attendant who was unfriendly, unprofessional, hostile and rude. I explained this was an emergency. He said, “Take your emergency across the street to Roxy’s Market. If you go inside, you will receive a $75 fine.”  I was forced to relieve myself in a plastic container inside my vehicle while tourists visiting our beautiful city were loading into limos around me. 

I am a disabled veteran with my own personal issues. I cannot tolerate this level of disrespect toward me or my employees. Unfortunately, due to this disgraceful encounter, we will be adding our name to the list of limo services that will no longer service Pitkin County’s airport. 

Rick La Couture

Owner, LaCo Limo LLC