Kury: Fighting for this town

Please do our town a favor, and provide the facts about the candidates. Our family/my wife has fought for this town through many hardships — including threats from Lee Mulchahy, the pandemic, the pandora expansion, Lift 1A — all the while dealing with unresponsive board members.

Painting the picture that one individual included in a majority vote is not getting things done is unfair and untrue. Check the record, and you will see. Also, how would you like entering your neighborhood and see a sign that says you are a Nazi and a killer and still have the capacity and grace to support and fight for what is right in your community?

Who’s been in the old debate about who’s a local? Was it when you moved into APCHA housing, or got married among the autumn aspens, or had a first, then second child at AVH? It seems to me that you become a local on that indeterminate day after living here when you realize that Aspen and her mountains have bored into your soul, and you know you’ll try to stay forever.

My wife, Kelly, has shown her love and care for this place — our home — since almost the day she got here and has worked hard for everything she’s accomplished. Kelly and my greatest luck was meeting each other here and knowing we’d grow a life together.

When we won our APCHA unit at Burlingame together, I had already had a work history of almost 10 years, and Kelly worked as a waitress for several years in addition to her full-time job in the clerk’s office. She worked nights and weekends, and, at one point, we had seven service-industry jobs between us to save up for our condo — all the while spending her decade here contributing to our community.

Kelly was on the Aspen P&Z for four years, is an Elk, a dedicated member of the Aspen Chapel, and is involved with Manaus — alongside her leadership with Pitkin County. Of course, I feel lucky, but I believe our community is lucky to have Kelly’s grit, grace, and commitment to this amazing place we call home.

William Kury