Kudos and Kindness from Aspen Times readers (Sept. 29, 2019) | AspenTimes.com

Kudos and Kindness from Aspen Times readers (Sept. 29, 2019)

A great cause with great support

Last weekend the Roaring Fork Valley hosted the 16th annual Cystic Fibrosis Redbone@Large Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing Celebrity Classic. This benefit float fishing tournament raises much-needed funds for cystic fibrosis research.

Many thanks to the generous participants and guides who donated their time and effort for this great cause. First and foremost, thanks to host former Denver Bronco Mark Cooper, who has tirelessly given his time and energy over the years. Guides included Harry Portland, Jason Peltack, Shaun Hargrave, Brian Culp, Matt Josephson, Mike Calcaterra, Brandon Soucie, Gifford Maytham, Tim Robinson, Todd Jost, Carter Jones, Will Sands, Hamilton Wallace and Justin Moore. You guys are the best!

Also, many thanks to Umpqua Feather Merchants, Fly Water Outdoors, Green Drake Outdoors, Mountain Sports Products, Simms Fishing, Scientific Anglers, Patagonia, Redbone@Large, Bonefish Tarpon Trust, The Tipsy Trout, The Rocky Mountain Institute, European Catering, Roaring Fork Conservancy, Frying Pan Anglers, Buff, Cortland Line Co., Fishpond, Alpine Angling, Boulder Boat Works, Trout Trickers and the staff of Taylor Creek. Next year’s dates are Sept. 24 to 26; please reach out to Cooper at 303-249-2843 if you would like to participate or contribute to this worthy cause.

Scott Spooner

Taylor Creek Fly Shops

A toast to Aspen rescuers

As our family and friends gathered to celebrate the return of Neil Brosseau, lost after hiking Pyramid Peak on Sept. 15, our laughter and tears centered around two groups of phenomenal individuals: the Mountain Rescue Aspen crew along with the Pitkin County’s Sheriff’s Office.

Thank you cannot even come close to how we appreciate what effort was undertaken for Neil’s safe return. Although you certainly know this, new to us is this team of volunteers who came out for no other reason than to see a successful return of a hiker to his family, friends and life.

For those avid, experienced or even novice hikers whose response is that this type of occurrence will never happen to them — as avid, experienced hikers ourselves, we all thought the same thing prior to Sept. 15.

We certainly would like to spread the word that this nonprofit operates on donations only. Even if you are not a hiker, they may just save the life of a loved one someday!

Our most sincere gratitude to you all!

Family of Neil Brosseau and Karen Carter (Neil’s sister)

Ruggerfest shines again

It would be hard to imagine a more inclusive and amiable event than Ruggerfest, which our family thoroughly enjoyed this weekend.

Any festival that involves beautiful athleticism, brute strength, lots of people grimacing through injury, and that is attended by families, seniors, newborns, dogs and every kind of person in between, with a commentator who sings enthusiastically from his perch above Wagner Park, has to be good for Aspen. It really is one of the most enjoyable weekends of the year. The best thing is you don’t even have to understand the complicated rules of rugby to appreciate the comradeship and all-round niceness of the men and women who play it. It’s a lovely way for locals and visitors to come together.

Thanks to John Staub and all the organizers of Ruggerfest, as well as the Gentlemen of Aspen and city of Aspen Parks and Recreation Department for their hard work in giving us such a terrific weekend. Can’t wait for the 53rd!

Katherine Sand and Scott Martin


Thank you, coaches and others

I would like to thank Aspen Elks Lodge No. 224, coach Bubba Eggleston, coach Philen, coach Garrafa and coach Boomer Devlin. And thank you to the Aspen High School Athletic Director Martha Richards, head varsity coach Travis Benson and his staff and the city of Aspen Parks Department Blair Elliot and his staff. And of course, thank you to my parents Julie Knapp and Christian Knapp For letting me be involved in this.

Without all these people helping out we would not have a program! I am very thankful to be playing football with good competitive teams that we play every weekend! Thank you so much for letting us play the sport we love and am looking forward to playing it in the future.

Wyatt Knapp