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Kudos and Kindness from Aspen Times readers (May 5, 2019)

Thankful for the Thrift Shop

Be kind to your volunteers! I want to remind people that Aspen Thrift Shop volunteers donate their time and energy to give back to the community. All funds go to good causes!

I recently witnessed a customer haggling with them over one of the prices they put on an item. Again, this is not a for-profit retail store! It is run by the community, for the community!

There’s a jar between the registers if you would like to make a donation!

Michael Dobson


Career coaches lift Youthentity program

Recently, Youthentity brought its My Career, My Life program to Aspen Middle School students, facilitating mini-internships with area professionals with the goal to show kids what is possible for their futures through a diverse range of industries and jobs available right here in the Roaring Fork Valley. During the half-day internships, students designed tiny homes, performed surgery (on bananas!), measured out the perfect spice ratio for salsa and produced a basic magazine layout.

Through our career exploration programs, we hope to jumpstart kids’ ideas around the jobs and careers they’d like to have, providing hands-on experience and insight into how those careers become a reality.

We could not do it without the generous time donated by our volunteer career coaches. Many thanks to Aspen Magazine editor Christine Benedetti, All Pets Mobile Vet DVM Oneal Peters and assistants Lindsey Schoepfle and Hannah Bilstad, Aspen Police Sgt. Chip Seamans, House Design & Build owner Chris Dolan, architect Beatriz Soto, and Edward Jones financial planner Daniel Chaput. And of course, thank you to the faculty and staff at Aspen Middle School for making the inaugural MCML a success!

Kirsten McDaniel


Kudos go to …

• Kelley Francis for setting the Aspen High School single-season soccer scoring record and, more importantly, for continuing to have high aspirations.

• Tony Vagneur for his excellent commentary on “easy money” (“Is there still hope in Aspen resisting the ‘easy money’?” April 27, The Aspen Times).

• Ritchie Zah, the 2018 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, for showing his appreciation with raw emotion.

• Meredith Carroll’s outstanding article, on May 1, about Aspenites behaving badly!

Ruth Harrison


It takes a village

On Feb. 27, I took a bad fall on Snowmass Mountain skiing and fractured my pelvis. This is a thank-you note to all the wonderful people who helped in my healing.

Snowmass Ski Patrol, Snowmass Clinic, co-workers at The Treehouse, Aspen Valley Hospital, Dr. Pevny and Dr. Rachael. Nurses and staff of Home Care of the Valley (Carrie Bradford, MPT). Faynell Jackson, physical therapist from Aspen Valley Hospital. Pathfinders. Susanne Garison, Julie Fees, Cate Parks, Julie Rogan, Donna Aiken, Stacy Carskanden, Karen Kuzner, Susie Sturz, Linda Gahler, Averil Porcaro, Mary Sloop, Susie Orda, Susann Siebert, Cynthia Hayes, Molly McGuire and, last but not least, my sister Marge Holbrook who took such good care of me day and night with never a complaint. My sister, who deserves everything wonderful in her life.

Without all of you, I would not be healing as fast as I am.

A hui ho — Hawaiian for “until we meet again.” Take care and have some fun in the sun!

Peppermint Patty Holbrook

Snowmass Village