Krizmanich: Doesn’t get the culture

Without question, U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert is way too much into guns to represent Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. Her gun show may be considered cute by some people until a wacko with an automatic opens up at a school or Walmart.  

I’ve  run into a couple of very aggressive, explosive, dangerous young guys in Garfield County who were definitely into guns, but not  for hunting game. Probably unknown to Boebert, her gun show is providing the green light to radical young men from places like Idaho to relocate to western Colorado. She did not cast her vote in Congress against gun proliferation, including automatics, despite the horrific Uvalde school massacre. 

Lauren is a definite transplant and outsider. She was born in Florida. How could she possibly know about Colorado’s old-timers’ gun culture or their values?  

I was born and raised in Gunnison County in 1938. My father and grandfathers were Colorado pioneer miners who helped create the middle class. Unlike Boebert, I am a staunch supporter of their values and had labor. She knows little of their struggles or tremendous contribution. She has been far to busy contacting God on her superior, special, private connection. The old-timers could spot a phony when they saw one.  

Climate chance is another area where Lauren falls pathetically short, in spite of unending global disasters. She has to get with it! It’s for the kids and grandkids. 

Boebert has definitely shown she is unqualified to be in Congress. A much better fit for her would be to represent Texas or Florida. She could be much closer to her Southern buddy, Marjorie Taylor Greene. Unfortunately, she has become a major embarrassment for the old-timers and the people of Colorado!   

Joe Krizmanich

Glenwood Springs

Letter to the Editor