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Kolbe: Mind, body, and dinosaur nuggets?

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Dear editor, Aspen parents, community, and Aspen City Council,

So, the city is about to subsidize a restaurant ($200,000) at the old Taster’s right across from the kids’ playfield, skateboard park, library, theater, and parking garage. According to The Aspen Times (Dec. 21, 2022), it will serve pre-packaged oily foods, like fried onion strings, dinosaur chicken nuggets, nachos, etc. — openly saying it will lure them in with cheap sodas ($1) and free arcade games.

Tell me this isn’t so! Whatever happened to “Mind, Body & Spirit” — the Aspen ideal, the very core of our city’s own mission statement? Is this really the best you (we) can do for our kids after all the years we have worked to get healthy food in our schools? Shame on you.

Your only opportunities to offer comments, which will reach council members before it is voted on, are to 1) send an email to public-comment@cityofaspen.com, or 2) express yourself in person on Tuesday, Jan. 10, at 5 p.m. during public comment time at council chambers (415 Rio Grande Place).

Susan Kolbe

Glenwood Springs