Knudson: Meet you at Starbucks … |

Knudson: Meet you at Starbucks …

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Is Glenn Beaton’s new book going to make us laugh, cry, yell at the TV set, throw up? Is the new book going to be a Trumpian-DeSantis-Palin revisionist history about hatred, ignorance and wholesale Boebertity? Is The Red Ant affordable rant going to be in this masterpiece?

Tell you what, Chad Klinger and king of words Glenn Beaton: You buy me five cups of hot “coveffe” each at the Starbucks in Willits and I will buy your book, actually read it and report on it through The Aspen Times.

So throw down, my brave pilgrims, and set up a gift card at the local “coveffe” shop. I triple dog dare you.

Miles A. Knudson

Aspen, Santa Fe, New Mexico