Klinger: Meanspirited inquiry

I’m trying to accommodate the point of David Hale’s column asking “What makes real Christians?” (The Aspen Times, Commentary, Sept. 23). Since he professes not to be one, why does he care?

It’s not like he finds anything good to say about any of them, and he’s obviously gleeful over their internal fault lines, inconsistencies and sectarian disagreements. Every last self-righteous one of them can’t be gone too soon apparently. After two millennia of these people, enough already! 

So, what we have here is shallow mean-spiritedness disguised as a pseudo-scholarly inquiry, which really isn’t interested in the answer to the question it raises.

“I could definitely winnow the wheat from the chaff,” Hale declares, and it’s time to get on with it, in “black, knee-high leather boots.”

Chad Klinger

Snowmass Village