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Kjonaas: Amendment F would commercialize charitable bingo

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The Colorado Veterans of Foreign Wars opposes Amendment F on the Nov. 2022 Colorado ballot. The amendment will grind down one of the larger revenue streams nonprofit organizations have for use in your community.

Trust and reliability — earned respect in your community — is what religious, charitable, labor, fraternal, educational, volunteer firefighters’ and veterans’ organizations have brought over the years. Communities within Colorado benefit from the operation of nonprofits each day and in many locations around Colorado. Nonprofits are the sole community asset that is the anchor of the population that enhance the economic, social programs, the unique spirit and cultural well-being of their respective communities.

If Amendment F is passed, this will allow any fly-by-night operator to invade Colorado, operate and then flee as fast as they came, as they depart Colorado with the profits — thereby leaving the nonprofits of Colorado without one of their larger revenue streams.

According to Amendment F, starting Jan. 1, 2025, the Colorado Legislature can further reduce an important element toward obtaining a gaming license. The most important element is an organization’s stability, that is the number of years of proven stable financial management.

The lobbyist who produced the legislation in the first place argues that if the amendment passes, then the non-profits can testify against it and hope for the best when the Colorado Legislature acts to reduce the three-year organizational stability requirement to zero.

Let’s stop the nonsense now. Vote no on Amendment F, and simply come back for a simplified amendment that only reduces the stability requirement to three years without the chance to go further.

Steve Kjonaas