Kerry: Fourth-graders thankful to community |

Kerry: Fourth-graders thankful to community

We the fourth-graders at Aspen Elementary School would like to thank the entire community and first responders for your bravery during the schoolwide lockdown on Wednesday.

Simply knowing that you were here supporting us made the situation more comfortable. You made us feel way safer. We always know that you will be there for us and during the lockdown, you proved that more than ever. 

We knew that we were going to be safe and have a positive experience because we knew everyone cared about our safety. Thank you for being caring and showing up in a positive way. We know most people are good people and during the lockdown, you proved as a community that we are surrounded by good people.

Thank you for being kind and caring to everyone in the Aspen community. Knowing that you are always going to be there for us helps us to feel safe. 

Thank you for doing your part every day to protect and serve our community. We are proud to be a part of this amazing Aspen community that shows up and supports every member of our community.

Ms. Kerry’s Fourth-Grade Team