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Kallenberg: Unreasonable restaurant

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

So explain this: I made a reservation for two at one of our city’s better restaurants. A restaurant, relatively new to town that we had previously dined at several times. They requested a credit card, the latest schtick in our fair city. 

The day before the reservation, I contracted COVID. I called the restaurant and said,“Sorry, I have to cancel.” The response: “We require a 48-hour cancellation notice. You’ll be charged $100.” “But I’m sick, COVID.” “Sorry 48 hours cancellation or $100.” “You want me to come to your restaurant and spread COVID?” “OK, I spoke to my manager. You must submit a doctor’s note and a test.” 

A doctor’s note!? Who can even get a doctor’s appointment? 48 hours? Surely you jest. $100? I don’t think so.

The most important, vital, essential, far-reaching aspect of this rapidly expanding city-wide practice is the encouragement of the spread of any illness — COVID, flu, whatever. The restaurant is encouraging you to show up and spread whatever illness you are battling. 

Have we forgotten the COVID outbreak? The city decided we had to mask on hiking trails! 

The city should ban this practice outright. Surely a restaurant can track repeat cancellations and refuse future reservations. Through computers, restaurants know who you are by your phone number.

I understand the restaurant’s problem with cancellations being expensive. Visitors to our town tend to make multiple reservations, especially during peak seasons. But, again, through computers, restaurants should know who these individuals are. 

As it was, I did get an appointment at my doctor’s office. The doctor did transmit a note. Both the doctor and her nurse said they would not be going to that restaurant in the future. Neither will I. 

Oh, and this particular establishment does not even serve chicken soup.

Jeffrey Kallenberg