Johnson: Debt ceiling crisis averted

Thank you, Speaker McCarthy and President Joe Biden, for not listening to the extremes in your parties. You both deserve praise in embracing a long time successful tactic that has served America well — it’s called compromise. 

In the last few years, for some reason, compromise has been decried as a bad thing. Last time I checked, when someone insists that it must be their way or the highway, that person usually grows up to be single most of their life. Most of us usually outgrow that personality trait after graduating elementary school.

My adult friends realize that in any of their successful relationships with their spouse (gay or straight) no one gets everything they want. Creative compromise is what we all do.

By the way, we everyday citizens don’t care which party gets the credit. We just want you to solve problems and make America better. And you know who the real winner is when both political parties come/work together: America.

Keep it up guys! Well done!

Kenneth C. Johnson