Johnson: Buglione will do a better job

I worked with Joe DiSalvo as a fellow deputy sheriff under Sheriffs Kienast and Braudis for 15 years.

When built in 1984, our jail was state-of-the-art, and I believe was designed to be expanded, if needed. The jail now needs repairs, not replacement. The problems are because of management, not the building.

The suicide in 2019 was because of poor, mental-health treatment for an inmate and because an extension cord was left in that suicidal inmate’s cell, which, tragically, she used to hang herself. In 2021, the deputy who was attacked by an inmate had not been warned that the inmate had recently had a change in treatment until after the attack. Management failures.

Jails should meet basic needs of inmates — safety, nutrition and medical care. Sheriff DiSalvo does not adequately provide for those needs.

I fully support Michael Buglione for sheriff. He will work with everyone to ensure safety for inmates and staff in our jail.

Liz Johnson 
Pitkin County Deputy Sheriff, Retired