John Colson: Rudy Giuliani does his DJT clone act |

John Colson: Rudy Giuliani does his DJT clone act

John Colson
Hit & Run

It dropped into my inbox like a hot, steaming pile of — well, you get the picture.

Or maybe you don’t, so let me explain.

The podcast link, in an email from an outraged friend, was an example of something called “Rudy’s Common Sense,” a podcast featuring the thought processes (if you can call them that) of Rudy Giuliani, the man once hailed as “America’s Mayor” on the strength of his performance in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York City in 2001.

In the podcast, the man now known mostly as a political hit-man and intellectual clone for President Donald J. Trump, does little but hurl a boatload of vague, erratic and completely unsupported charges against the entire family of Joseph R. Biden, the Democrats’ candidate for the post now held by Giuliani’s Fuhrer.

Oh, and in between all this hooey, Giuliani lends his name and face to a number of business interests, in ads for such outfits as the Famous Smoke Shop; the right-wing, Trump-supporting and essentially nutty publication Epoch Times; and other goofy ads.

I note that this podcast is reported to have been downloaded 702,316 time since it was posted Oct. 23, which could be seen as either a very scary number or a very hopeful one, depending on whether the viewers were there for Halloween-style fright-sights or in search of actual information.

For those seeking real information, I’d say they were sadly disappointed by this rambling, unfocused and patently dumb catalog of right-wing conspiracy delusions.

I must concede, however, that once you get over the lack of logic, lack of any evidence, and the rather pathetic way in which Giuliana (like his boss) remains fixated on Hillary Clinton, wife of a former president and Trump’s opponent in the 2016 national presidential election, the podcast is kind of funny, in a train-wreck sort of way.

Part of the humor comes in the way that Giuliani, again like his boss, is all over the rhetorical map with his charges that the Bidens took millions of ill-gotten dollars from corrupt officials in the Ukraine and in Moscow.

It’s difficult to parse through the tangled web of made-up charges, suppositions, magical thinking and debunked claims of bad acts by the Bidens.

One thing that does shine through, though, is the realization that this all has a very familiar sound to it.

Remember when the Trump campaign got its hooks into another fabulist claim of criminality, the supposed national-security crisis represented by Hillary Clinton’s use of a nongovernmental server for her email communications?

Remember the chants of “lock her up” that, for the Trump campaign, became kind of a theme song? For the rest of us, basically for everyone who had not drunk the orange Kool-Aid passed out at Trump rallies, the chant represented the complete lack of anything of substance in Trump’s campaign.

And now they’re trying to do the same thing with Biden and his whole family — accuse them of criminality without evidence of any sort, get the “base” (the group Hillary once referred to as the “deplorables” who were buying into Trump’s lies and hype) to holler about locking up the Bidens, and take it from there.

The problem for Rudy and Donald, though, is that despite investigations by law enforcement agencies here and in the Ukraine, there has never been an iota of evidence that either Hunter or Joe did anything wrong.

Oh, sure, an FBI memo called into question the wisdom of Hunter Biden being on the board of a Ukrainian energy company while his dad was vice president under Barack Obama, and even Joe Biden seemed to question the propriety of the position when he once remarked to Hunter, “I hope you know what you’re doing.”

But no wrongdoing has been shown, which must absolutely burn the shorts of Rudy, The Donald and others in the Trump orbit.

Hence, Giuliani is reduced to trotting out his fabulist doctrine about “the Biden crime family” as a way to convince the gullible that Trump is more trustworthy than Biden.

And that is another problem for The Donald and his crew — most voters know very well who Joe Biden is, what his philosophies and moral compass look like, and they basically feel he can be trusted with the nation’s economy, foreign policy, environmental programs and other matters.

As for Trump, the only people who trust him are those who go right along with his xenophobic, racist attitudes, his chronic dishonesty and vulgarity, and his showboating style of making everything, everywhere, all about him.

Giuliani, unfortunately, is one of those who has drunk enough of the Trump Kool-Aid that his eyes are turning orange in his fevered attempt to distract us from the truth of things.

Thankfully, there is plenty of online reportage showing the emptiness of the “Biden crime family” allegations, including a long piece by the Reuters news agency from late 2019.

I’ll admit, Biden is not perfect; he’s a politician, after all.

But when he becomes president, he can launch us down the road of a national healing process from the corruption, dishonesty and anti-democratic machinations that have been the hallmark of the Trump administration.

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