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Jahnke: Strongest it’s ever been

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Under Joe DiSalvo’s leadership, the organization is thriving! Joe has built the strongest leadership the county has ever had. Undersheriff Alex Burchetta is the team coordinator for the Northwest Incident Management Team and the Pitkin County Emergency Management Incident Team. Director of Operations Parker Lathrop is our former fire marshal and has extensive wildland firefighting experience. Burchetta and Lathrop are highly-skilled when it comes to managing complex incidents, as well as day to day operations. 

Joe has adapted his office to our changing community and improved the Animal Control position by expanding its responsibilities to include an EMT who also responds to accidents, medical calls and wildlife calls.

Joe expanded the patrol area of deputies to include regular patrols of the outlying areas of Pitkin County, which have seen a large increase in use since 2020.

Joe’s change in leadership and expanding roles of current positions is a direct response to the current threats to Pitkin County: wildfires, natural disasters and other unforeseen emergencies that impact the people of Pitkin County.

I have read some letters recounting positive past interactions with Joe’s opponent, and I just want to point out to our community that that is not rare for our deputies. Under Joe’s direction, the women and men of the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office come to work each day and treat people with respect, kindness, sincerity and professionalism. I proudly support our PCSO deputies, and I’ll be voting for Joe to lead our beloved deputies for the next four years!

Kendall Jahnke