Ingram: Need a strong Water Plan

My name is Lucy, and I love Colorado. From the scenic mountains, to the fantastic skiing, to the beautiful forests, and the fabulous community members, Colorado has to be the best state. 

I am 16, and I live in Basalt. I want to share gratitude for my state Rep. Dylan Roberts. Although I can’t vote yet, I support him and am proud of his work. He protects my future, fighting for water conservation, river health, lower costs of prescription drugs and housing, and supporting local economies. He promoted legislation which funded the state Water Plan, legislation that protects our water from mining pollution and policies to help keep water in rivers. His work for our overall well-being is appreciated, and I’m grateful that people like him are advocating for Colorado. 

I would also like to share my gratitude for another local water-conservation champion, state Rep. Julie McCluskie. Due to her hard work, record-breaking funding has been allocated toward forest health and water conservation, working against climate change. As chair of the Joint Budget Committee, she worked toward protecting local water supplies and stopping toxins from entering rivers and school water systems. 

Right now, we need to be pro-active in ensuring our water future. That starts with strengthening the Colorado Water Plan. I would like to see bold, actionable plans installed in the draft, with a focus on strategies addressing drought and making sure our local food crops are safe. Also, because my hometown relies heavily on tourism, we need to have protections for industries that depend on water, such as whitewater rafting.

With a strong Water Plan, our state will ensure a future where there is enough clean drinking water and water for food crops, water for rivers and fish, wildlife, and recreation.

Lucy Ingram