Infante: Consider rights you hold dear |

Infante: Consider rights you hold dear

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

As fire swept across Basalt mountain July 3, 2018, townsfolk gathered at Basalt High School for a briefing from Colorado Parks & Wildlife — the authority responsible for the unsupervised gun range that had no fire suppression equipment whatsoever, not even a fire extinguisher, but where illegal tracer rounds were discharged, igniting the 15,000-acre blaze.

Elizabeth Velasco is pitted against a competitor who, at the time, was the CPW district ranger ostensibly overseeing the land and the range. In a mind-searing meeting, CPW tersely dismissed the terror homeowners expressed as the mountainside burned. CPW rejected homeowners’ rights and property rights, a bedrock of American identity, as less significant and subordinate. 

Velasco won’t turn her back on Colorado and the district she represents. She will defend our rights: property rights, reproductive rights, rights to life and liberty, and, yes, gun rights.

An experienced entrepreneur herself, she will defend the interests and rights of businesses and their employees. As a first generation immigrant, she knows challenge and will stand up for civil and human rights, including rights to education, access to healthcare, and the right to live in a safe environment. 

She is a hardened firefighter, and we can expect her to plan better, prepare better, and lead efforts to combat wildfires — an increasing threat in Colorado House District 57 and across Colorado.

And, if/when hillsides burn, Velasco will have our backs. She won’t betray the electorate and the community that she serves. When you vote, consider all of the rights you hold most dear as an American, and vote Velasco. 

William S. Infante