Hurt: Couldn’t be more wrong |

Hurt: Couldn’t be more wrong

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

In response to Fry, (Letter to the Editor, “Krabloonik comparison to rodeos”): I would like to start by asking Mr. Fry if he has ever met a rodeo contestant or stock contractor? Maybe sat down to talk with them to see how they view their animals?

As a rodeo contestant myself, I can almost 100% guarantee that my horses are better cared for than what you may assume. Same goes for all rodeo livestock. Yes, my horses are work animals; yes, they make me money when we compete; but; they are also my family, and I do everything in my power to give them the best care (vet records to corroborate, same with all stock contractors).

The same goes for the stock contractors for both the Snowmass and Carbondale rodeos, all of whom I know very well. It is an unspoken rule in rodeo that we as competitors treat all the animals with respect! Stock contractors will personally say something to competitors or refuse them to participate in a rodeo if they feel like they are not respecting their animals.

So, Mr. Fry, I ask that you do not cast stones where they are unnecessary unless you are willing to spend a day with all of us competitors and stock contractors to see (Majority of us coming from working ranches/farms) the ins and outs of how we care for our animals.

Mariah Hurt