Hunter: We’d choose trolleys, surely |

Hunter: We’d choose trolleys, surely

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

We live in a car culture that was the intentional creation of the energy and car companies. Much of our country depends on individual cars to function. Years ago, many communities, including Denver, had trolley systems. They were bought up and removed, as the trolleys were competing with cars.  

Car-dependent suburbs grew out from the towns and cities. Same in the Roaring Fork Valley.  Growth increased traffic. Like in Denver today, more lanes and roads are built for the new traffic — only to spur more growth, and the new streets are soon packed.  

What to do about the entrance to Aspen? Hire traffic engineers, and you get the “build roads” answer. But look at the opposite view: growth increases traffic. So — how can traffic be reduced? Why not have that discussion?

Patrick Hunter