Hunter: Take a high route

Aspen traffic is lately much discussed in your newspaper. That has actually been a topic of discussion for decades. One early suggestion was a tunnel under the open space to a bridge rising up to Main Street. Many took a dim view of arriving through a tunnel. But also discussed was a viaduct, which is an elevated roadway.  My hometown Seattle had the Alaskan Way Viaduct  for 7 decades that carried SR 99 over the waterfront. It was replaced with a tunnel in 2019 as it was no longer earthquake safe.  

If designed well, Aspen’s viaduct could become an elegant overpass diverting Highway 82 through traffic right across town. The views looking down on Aspen with the Ajax backdrop would be simply world-class. 

Perhaps Mr. Hunt could provide some property for mid-town on and off ramps.

Patrick Hunter