Hunter: Hybrid parking spaces

Carbondale’s City Market has about 8 parking spaces near the entrance that are reserved for “hybrid” vehicles. Every time I park my EV there, I see cars that are not hybrid or full EV. I asked the manager about it. He said they can’t really do anything. Today there was a little old lady that was putting her groceries in her gas burning car. I didn’t say anything.

But here’s the larger point. When I checked my online news today, I saw major problems all over the planet that are directly connected to climate change. Hundreds of fires, incredible floods from massive rain, drought that is killing crops, and heat that is killing people outright. There are stories about young people in the US experiencing great anxiety about the change. Young people are suing state and national governments to force them to become active in fighting climate change.

What needs to happen is well known. We have to stop burning fossil fuels. It’s that simple. Right away. So what about Carbondale? What can we do? What can we do that really makes a difference? How about we stop putting up houses and buildings that will be burning natural gas? Every new building or project that is burning fossil gas will be adding to our problem as long as it stands. I think that’s a crime. A crime against the next generations.

I wonder if the lady in the wrong parking place even understands what we’re facing. Or maybe, she just thinks it is not her problem. Saving a few steps to the store is more important. For a decade now I have been trying to encourage action to stop climate change. Any ideas on how to make that happen?

Patrick Hunter