Humankind must sacrifice to survive |

Humankind must sacrifice to survive

I have been asking myself why Great Nature is making viruses like the coronavirus. Recently while reading The Sun magazine I had an epiphany of sorts. In this month’s issue I was reading the interview with Eileen Crist “On the Consequences of Human Plunder” in which she posits that our human inability to face up to the environmental crisis is terminal, as in “that’s it for the Earth.”

And there I had my answer: If we can’t modify how we occupy and care for the Earth, then Great Nature, way smarter than Pfizer or Moderna, will simply wipe us clean from the Earth. The dinosaurs didn’t work, so Great Nature got rid of them. It took time, but Great Nature has plenty of time.

They say that coronavirus is very infectious and … very clever. But, just you wait: Something even more clever will appear. At some point life appeared … as if by magic.

Either we take care of the Earth, or the Earth will take care of us. Until a wiser species appears. The universe is infinitely patient. I am 83 years old, optimistic and looking forward to getting either my Pfizer or my Moderna immunization.

Either we give up eating meat, using oil for heat and transportation and over-populating the Earth, or we vanish. It’s au-revoir or adieu.

James Breasted


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