Howe: Worried about higher property tax with spike in assessed value |

Howe: Worried about higher property tax with spike in assessed value

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Dear Gov. Polis, Carbondale mayor, Carbondale town trustees and Garfield County officials:

As a resident and contributing member of the Roaring Fork Valley for over 25 years, I am writing out of concern for long-term residents and low-income members in our community. The land tax hike based on increased valuation across the board is untenable for many. 

As a teacher and curator of storytelling events through out the valley for over 10 years, supporting non-profits and community members as they cultivate and share their voices in stories from their lives, I am somewhat of an ear for the community.

This land tax increase has brought many to tears, as they cannot afford it. They are now frightened and stressed. So many of these Coloradans are the backbone of the local workforce. They are our creators, visionaries, volunteers, and the foundation behind many community programs and events. 

Please re-evaluate.

Please consider length of time owning the property; a grandparent clause, a graduated scale for the purchase price, and when the homeowners purchased. 

Please take into consideration income tax returns, and adjust proportionally income and land taxes, so we all can fairly contribute but not be crippled.

Please make choices that keep all residents, create safety for marginal populations. Create volunteer projects to support the counties we reside in.

Please help, please speak up to town, stat,e and government officials.

Thank you for your action in advance.

Alya Howe