Howard: Home is where you vote |

Howard: Home is where you vote

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Once upon a time Dr. Hunter S Thompson said it was important to vote because “Politics is the art of controlling your environment.” 

“Where do you vote?” is the question I always ask someone who would like me to call them a local. 

Why? Because, thankfully, in the United States of America people are only allowed to vote once and in only in the place they call home. 

Colorado has a state income tax and many of the property owners of Aspen appear to have made the shrewd decision to reside in another location. After all, their private jets allow them to fly to the middle of the Rocky Mountains for the freshest sushi, also flown in daily, so why pay a state income tax?

Good for them, because all that does is make mine and your votes matter even more around here. “How has Aspen changed?” was the question I asked old-timers in 2008 when I first moved here after 18 years in Summit County, Colorado. The most common answer was, “Everybody used to live in houses.” 

One side says we need less property vacancy to house the community, while the other side says we need more property development to house the community as we approach maximum build out.

Brian Howard