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Hornblower: Time to go

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Thank heavens off-season is finally here. Finally, we can breathe, without having to pant.

But seemingly, the pressures on our lungs and brains press on, like the vocal winds of the uninvited guest, like the unwelcome aunt or uncle at our holiday dinner or our beloved Mother’s Day garden party.

We get reminded about what we’re supposed to do with our unwelcome siblings or our past long close friends. We’re expected to be kind, and then we find ourselves cornered when we’re forced to gently and firmly, ask them to leave. 

So it is with our once cool thoughts about how we get along together. In our community we have takers, lots of them, freeloaders, I’d say, and we have good boys and girls with 865 credit scores, and bad boys and girls who can’t get a loan to save their life.

I would urge our leaders to encourage responsible behavior and to bring an end to Aspen’s irresponsible and entitled way of life. Freeloaders have no moral high ground, not here, not anywhere.

Let’s eradicate APCHA as it is, and make APCHA a housing venue for workers.

John G. Hornblower

Snowmass Village