Holloway: She’ll get things done

Erin Smiddy, who is running for Pitkin County commissioner, is a dear friend. I have known her for over 30 years in different capacities. Not only was she a classmate, but she also was a neighbor, then boss and overall a friend who you could count on. 

She is a trustworthy and dependable person who is not afraid of some hard work. She is passionate and stands up for what she believes. She has no problem getting things done. She is a stand-up community member as she has grown up in this community we call home.

Because of her time in law enforcement, on the Aspen Volunteer Fire Department and her time on the Aspen Housing Board, she has a better than average understanding of the needs of our community. Erin would be a valuable asset for Pitkin County. The county is home, and she would do anything to take care of it. 

The Holloway family fully supports Erin in this endeavor. She is kind, thoughtful about issues that matter, willing to put in the work and community-minded. She is also an animal lover, which I truly believe speaks volumes about a person’s character.

Because of all these reasons mentioned, the choice is obvious: Erin Smiddy for county commissioner!

Binnie Holloway