Hilts: CMC offers model for taxing times

I was encouraged to read an article recently where the Colorado Mountain College board declared that they would be voluntarily lowering their tax levy for next year in light of the huge increases in property valuations during the last two-year reference period. This is encouraging.

With this as an example, I would call on all taxing districts to do the same. Right now, in Basalt we have 17 separate taxing districts! The three largest, in order of cost to my wife and me are: Roaring Fork School District, town of Basalt, and Basalt Fire Protection.

We appreciate all that they do for us. We are happy to pay our fair share, while — for example, we have no children — we do recognize the value that education plays in sustaining our community, state, and country. The same goes for our other taxing districts.

However, there are limits!

I call on all taxing districts to do the same as the CMC board. There are many of us, especially those of us who have lived here for many years, who will be paying attention. Remember that future funding requests to add new taxes, increase existing tax levies, or extend certain levies must be approved by the voters. 

I also implore the local press to keep an eye on this. It will make an interesting story as we get to the end of this year, and we find out what these huge property assessments will really cost us.

Paul Hilts