High Points: I used to tell people I lived in a ski town. Truth is, I live in a wedding town | AspenTimes.com

High Points: I used to tell people I lived in a ski town. Truth is, I live in a wedding town

Paul E. Anna
High Points

“Are you going to the wedding?” asked the obviously excited twenty-something as she boarded the flight from Denver to Aspen last weekend and carefully folded her clothes bag into the overhead bin.

“Yes, I can’t wait!” said the twenty-something young man standing behind her waiting his turn to put his suit bag into the overhead as well.

“How do you know Ethan and Lauren?” she inquired as she took her seat.

“Ethan and Lauren? I’m going to Nick and Noelle’s wedding!” he responded. 

Such is the confusion during wedding season on Aspen flights these days. I used to tell people I live in a ski town or a wine town or an “Ideas” town or an art town. But, the truth is that I really live in a wedding town.

Yes, on any given Friday, the flights I take back home from my weekly travels seem to be filled to the brim with folks coming to be a part of their various friends’ nuptials. Not only are the Friday commercial flights full of wedding-day revelers, but, upon landing here, there seems to be a preponderance of private jets in for the weekends, as well.

I assume those jets ferried the brides and grooms to Aspen for the blessed events. And, who can blame them? I can think of few — if any — places on earth that are more beautiful (stop reading now and take a look around) than right here, right now. If you were in love and looking to tie the knot in spectacular fashion, would you not have Aspen at the top of your wish list?

I don’t know a lot about weddings; I had my one and only one many years ago in a small church in Malibu, California (another nice place to be betrothed), but I do know that Aspen is a perfect place for any couple to take their vows. It’s not just the pure physical beauty of the place, though; it’s tough to beat the view from atop Aspen Mountain.

No, beyond the beauty is the fact that we know how to do weddings. Start with the three grand hotels, the Little Nell, Hotel Jerome and The St. Regis Resort. All have full-time staffs just waiting to plan your wedding for you. Then, there are restaurants and florists and caterers who can take care of all your pre- and post-wedding meals and details. We do this stuff well — in fact, so well that the biggest problem people have with getting married here is securing dates and rooms and ressies. It used to be that June was the wedding season. Now, it spills over from January to December. Just last night, walking the streets of the town, I saw gaggles of girls and gangs of guys out on pre-wedding weekend crawls looking to have a little fun in Aspen.

What could be cooler than sending a “save the date” to your closet friends and telling them they are coming to Aspen for your wedding? Jackpot. 

My favorite seatmate this fall was on his way home from work in another country for his own wedding. The happy Carbondalian was eschewing the big bucks and high-society vibe for his own wedding, marrying his wife atop Sunlight Mountain in a ceremony presided over by a justice of the peace and attended by best friends from the neighborhood — and, of course, their dogs. Sweet. 

Oh, and that couple who met on the flight who were going to different weddings? They seemed to hit it off. Maybe they should book an October weekend. In 2025.