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High Points: The Booster (Be Kind)

High Points
Paul E. Anna

I got my jab today, oh boy.

Actually, I got it on Wednesday at the mobile Bus clinic in front of the English in Action offices in El Jebel and as I write this, on the day after, I am feeling a bit punk but relieved none the less.

There is, at least for me, a feeling of security as I have now doubled down (or is it doubled up?) on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. I have, knock on wood, managed to remain Covid free despite some heavy traveling and I give much credit to the initial vaccination I received eight months ago. It seems like such a long time.

In March, when the vaccines were brand new, my wife and I drove to the parking lot near Harris Hall and the Music Tent and didn’t even need to get out of the car to get our first dose.

As the rest of the country cued up for shots (remember those overnight lines at Dodger Stadium?) we drove right in under a tent, gave them our names and got vaccinated in minutes.

It was so easy and so efficient that we were almost embarrassed by our good fortune.

This week was a little different, but then again, the entire world is a little different than it was eight months ago. This time we went to the Bumps Parking lot on Monday and encountered a crowd of maybe 30 people, all masked, waiting in lines outside the mobile Bus clinic to get their vaccinations. There was a sense of tension as many who had reservations were trying to sort out their paperwork and get through what they thought would be a simple procedure. Due to the confusion, it was clear that we would have to wait for another day, so we took the necessary forms and made plans to go to El Jebel on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, a dreary and cold afternoon, we took our forms and went to the Bus once again. There we were escorted inside the Bus and within minutes had both our vaccinations and our updated Vaxx Cards. The process could not have been smoother and as we thanked those who administered the shots (they have given hundreds over the course of any given week). In turn we were thanked for being nice as well. It seems that some people are put off by the wait and have been rude to the health care workers.

We felt concern for the team from the Bus who were trying their level best to sort out the lines and the reservation system that, as we found out in an article in yesterday’s Aspen Times by Jason Auslander, had broken down and caused the problems. The people who were administering the shots and tending to the paperwork could not have been nicer to those who came, without fee or insurance, to get a shot that could save their lives. A year ago, we lauded health care workers as heroes, but now it seems we are perfunctory in our dealings with the men and women who are there to help us.

Unimageable and inexcusable. Get your booster and be kind. End of story.


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