High Points: Media matters

Paul E. Anna
High Points

I heard the news today. Oh, boy. Well, at least what passes for news these days.

Call me a masochist but yesterday morning I listened back to back to back to the Armstrong & Getty Radio Show, followed by David Bach’s Morning Show, followed by the Rush Limbaugh Show, all on a local radio station that seems to have a particular point of view.

Perhaps most striking was the constant drumbeat about the bias of the “Left-Wing Media,” I’ll call it the LWM. There seemed to be a code that all three shows had signed on to that it was necessary to lay blame at the feet of the LWM, most especially represented by the Washington Post, for every grievance that the hosts of these three shows had with our country. It was though we would not have Covid, racial injustice, police violence, riots in reaction to police violence, or divisiveness if the LWM, especially the Washington Post, would just toe the line and stop writing stories about these news items.

The inference, oft times shouted, was that the LWM reports on these issues simply because they hate the President. Limbaugh this week stated that “our American way of life” is on the line in the current election and that the LWM wants it to end. Why? I’m not sure why he believes that a newspaper owned by the most successful capitalist in human history wants to end capitalism, but that is not the point.

The point is a free press is one of the things that is a lynch pin of our society. It is one of the things that makes “our American way of life” just that. It is so important that the framers of “our American way of life” back in 1791, put it in the First Amendment, the one that comes just before the Second Amendment, which also gets lots of play on this troika of radio programs.

The hosts of these three shows are all members of, you got it, The Media. And while they have every right under that First Amendment to call out others in the media whom they disagree with or simply find disgusting, I’m not sure in the long run that it benefits them. Oh, in the short run they score some points with their loyal listeners. But, over time, they debase their own profession, one that is integral to the American way of life we discussed.

To me, the media, the local papers, the radio stations, the broadcast networks, have never been more vital than during this time of National emergency. I respect the rights of all broadcasters to have their own opinions.

But I don’t feel that is right to constantly blame the media for informing us of the news.

Whether you believe it or not.