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High Points: Bubblicious

Paul E. Anna
High Points

Do you ever feel that living here is like living inside a bubble? Right now that is a very good thing. And I am speaking from experience.

Over the last month I have made forays into four great American cities – Los Angeles, Kansas City, New Orleans and Seattle. And my time spent in each has been pretty bleak. In addition to the smoke in Los Angeles from the wildfires, which at the time was ruled unhealthy for all and was touted as being the worst the city has experienced in thirty years, the feel in each of these cities has bordered on apocalyptic.

There is no one on the roads and the few people you see in masks seems to be waiting for some kind of reckoning. KC was empty, literally. In New Orleans you could hear taped music coming from the casino near the Quarter, but it sounded ghostly and unreal. There were no jazz bands playing. And in Seattle the entire central shopping district was behind sheets of plywood, shut down for both the pandemic and the riots.

And then I come home. And in our little Aspen bubble I find cloudless skies, trees that glisten as if they were made of gold, air that is fresh. It is almost impossible to over–emphasize just how special and welcoming Aspen is. I guess that’s why so many people are staying here this off-season.

Before I began my travels I was more than a bit antsy to get back out on the road again. After all, we Roaring Fork creatures are a pretty active lot, always getting on planes and heading for distant destinations. Roaming the globe is just part of our DNA. And after six months in the bubble I was ready to get my travelling shoes laced up and head for someplace else. Anywhere, really.

But once I started getting on planes and landing in abandoned airports full of people feeling the trepidation of the times, I began to rethink my wanderlust and pretty much instantly counted the hours until I would once again be home. Yes, clicking my heels three times and repeating, “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home” has become my mantra for the month.

There have been times in the past where I have been a bit embarrassed about living in a bubble that is built on beauty and riches. But I have to say that today, at this moment in time, there is no place I’d rather be. We are all privileged to be here.

Let’s just hope our bubble doesn’t burst.