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High Points: A port in the storm — Breakfast at Jedediah’s Aspen

Paul E. Anna
High Points
Tucked away in the departures area of Aspen-Pitkin County Airport, Jedediah’s offers tasty meals and snacks, souvenirs and trinkets, and it also has a bar featuring locally made beer and spirits.
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It was positively eerie to be at the Aspen-Pitkin County Airport this past Wednesday morning between Christmas and New Year’s. Instead of the expected post-holiday throngs (Last year, you had to take a number just to get inside the terminal), there were just a few of us stragglers who were lucky enough to have a confirmed seat on the one flight that left all day: Aspen to Chicago.

The color red on all of the display boards was not there to commemorate Christmas but rather to let folks know that cancellations were in effect. Ouch. Sure, the weather had a lot to do with it, but there were a number of canceled Aspen-to-Denver flights that United indicated were “because of current or anticipated disruptions related to airspace and/or ground congestion.” In other words, they were expecting so many private planes that they didn’t think they could complete their appointed rounds. A sad commentary on the state of our airspace.

Anyway, the  lack of crowds — and the wait for the flight — encouraged me to partake in one of the best things about a visit to the Aspen airport: The breakfast at Jedediah’s, the airport restaurant and concessionaire for Sardy Field. In a town with few places to have a simple, fresh, house-made, diner-style breakfast, it just may be that the best one can be found behind the TSA wall at the airport. Imagine that.

I opted for an English muffin breakfast sandwich featuring a perfectly fried egg, melted cheddar cheese, and bacon on a toasted muffin. It was delicious. Where else in town are you gonna find one of those made to order on a hot griddle? Nowhere.

The fact is Jedediah’s is one of the great small airport concessions in the country, and we are lucky to have them in our little hamlet. Not only do they serve hearty helpings for breakfast (Try the huevos rancheros sandwich or the breakfast burrito), but they also offer a solid selection of interesting pick-me-up-and-take-it-to-go options, including their homemade, packaged trail mixes and the massive rice crispy treats with the holiday themes.

Jedediah’s is not home grown. If you fly in and out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, you likely know them, as they have been a staple in that airport since 2006 and they also have a space in the Bozeman Airport, gateway to Big Sky. The company’s roots are in the production of sourdough bread, but, today, they specialize in serving travelers at regional airports and delivering high-quality, customized experiences for fliers. They also have a catering business that serves the private-jet community. You know, the one that causes the aforementioned “current or anticipated disruptions” in our mutual airspace.

Our Jedediah’s outpost has a terrific little bar with the beers of the Aspen Brewing Co. on tap and several fine wines and Woody Creek Whiskey. If you love magazines, you can find all current Aspen offerings, along with a curated selection of travel, sports, architectural, and entertainment publications. There are knick-knacks and souvenirs, medicines, and sunscreens — and basically anything you might need or forgot for your trip.

Bottom line, there are not many places in Aspen that do better at what they do than Jedediah’s.

I just wish we had ‘em on Main Street rather than behind the TSA.

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