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High Points: A fresh(ies) start

Paul E. Anna
High Points

So, 2021 opened with an insurrection and closed with a spike. As in a spike in the pandemic.

In between wasn’t so hot either. So it is that we sit on this, the cusp of 2022, under a ton of fresh snow wondering what the New Year will bring.

The time has come for a little optimism as we emerge from the holiday season that saw winter roar in like a lion. After being concerned that this might become the driest December in years, we have found ourselves, in a remarkably short period of time, in one of the snowiest Decembers in memory. My, how quickly things can change. Just wait a minute and everything will be different than it was a minute ago.

Over the past few years there has been an uptick in the stress and anxiety levels of just about everyone. You can see it on the faces, behind the masks and in the eyes of friends who, like you, are facing trying times. Sure, much of this has been brought on by the pandemic which has been here for almost exactly two years now, but even before that there was a feeling of restlessness and fear that began to feel like the norm rather than the exception. The political divisiveness, the lack of control, the diminishing of trust in our institutions and even each other has created a new normal.

I’d like to think that the rapid arrival of the powder and the instant change in this ski season from dud to stud in a heartbeat can serve as a metaphor for how quickly we can get back on track. That, if we just stay in the moment and and let the world do its thing, we will eventually start down a path to something better.

As bad as the pandemic is in this moment, we are so fortunate to have the vaccines that can help keep people from getting desperately ill or worse. We may not have peaked yet, but this year is so much better than last when people were succumbing in droves to the delta variant. With a little perseverance, we should get through this.

Then there are the other factors affecting us here in our valley, the changing economy, the influx of visitors. This too is a new normal and we have to adjust and keep the proper attitude. After all, we are all still here in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

We have a tendency, at least most of us, to expect the worst and fear the things we can’t control. But if we just have a little faith that things will one day be better, we can all get through this period of uncertainty. The bottom line is that as we turn the page to 2022 we all have an opportunity to make a fresh start. Let’s use it.

Happy New Year, everyone. Be well. Stay healthy.


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