Herzing: Ode to the summer

Welcome to Aspen, we’re under construction

Private planes skid and now you’re diverted to Junction. 

Town is busy, monsoons are here

I want to make one thing perfectly clear. 

Main Street’s a mess, stay in your lane

Why do you walk down the middle using your phone and not brain?

Stop! Yield! Detour! Good luck

Honk that horn, use your finger, yell WTF?

One wheel, two wheels, slingshots and four

Up Independence Pass with 18 or more?

Oh, the bridges and those orange cones …

Feels like Star Wars or Maverick in a Game of Thrones. 

Evict Mark Hunt then Gorsucks blushed us

The Living Lab’s a joke, coming soon Russ1A. 

Weddings weddings weddings, half will get a divorce. 

She gets the house, you keep the Porsche. 

Right lane closed, road work ahead

Do Not Enter is what the sign said.

The Onion, The Bakery and The Crystal Palace project

Leads me to think it’s all Pretzel Logic. 

Thank you for visiting our World’s Famous Bubble 

Come back again, the prices will double.

Kevin Herzing