Hedden: Anna Stout for 3rd Congressional District

Anyone who lives in Colorado (or the US, really) knows that the race to represent Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District is contentious. With some of the most well-funded candidates on both the Democratic and Republican sides, it’s sure to be a long 14 months ahead. However, we know that folks in this district care more about someone’s values and hard work than how deep their pockets are. When we’re looking at values and track record of success, Anna Stout is incomparable to the others in the playing field right now.

She’s the Democratic Mayor of Grand Junction and has been serving her community for 20 years. She is the only bilingual, woman candidate that has built bipartisan support as the leader of the 2nd largest city in the district. She is the best contender to go up against Rep. Lauren Boebert next November and finally rid this district of her.

Anna will fight to preserve real freedoms – for everyone’s right to bodily autonomy, to protect our water, and build resilient economies across this vast district, advocating for us in a way that has been sorely missing for the last 3 years. As a working-class, homegrown candidate, she knows the struggles of Western and Southern Colorado because she’s lived them.

Anna Stout has a proven track record of getting things done for the hardworking people of Colorado and needs your help to get elected. This is a people-powered campaign – please join us!

Jess Hedden

New Castle