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Hebson: Out of touch, obviously

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I would like to respond to Elizabeth Milias’ interesting opinion in The Aspen Times in the Sunday, Nov. 20, edition.

She complains about subsidized housing for full-time residents, leading to more “nurses, doctors, teachers, police, waiters, and bartenders” needed on a full-time basis. Who, if not these workers, benefits more from subsidized housing? Is she aware of the purchasing power of a teaching salary?

I had a chuckle imagining anyone I know “purchasing a second home in Palm Springs or France.” She seems to believe APCHA-housed workers somehow “work remote” for powerful tech companies. I’m sure if they did, they would be more like the deserving folks she prefers and able to afford the free market in Aspen.

Milias is out of touch and missing the core of what makes up a community. She is clearly angry and frustrated that she can’t use and dispose of the workers — or in her words, the “wrong people.”

Katie Hebson