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Hauenstein: An invitation to serve

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

This is a message to those who live in Aspen and want to help shape the future. If you care about our community beyond your self-interest think about serving on the City Council. My image is a person that can get outside themselves and put the greater good of Aspen in their heart.

Our community deserves dedicated individuals who are willing to spend hours in meetings and hours prepping for that meetings. Once on the council, you need to engage and learn all of the challenges we face.

I believe governing is a balancing act. How much is too much? What are the strongest arguments for and against a proposed solution? Active and engaged listening and empathy are valued skills. Understanding the other perspectives is critical. However, the strength and courage to respectfully disagree are key.

Finding the balance between growth and sustainability is not easy. Lincoln once said the greatest motivator is self-interest. Are we a community or a commodity? Do you care more about sustainability or personal monetary gain?

I invite people to attend the council meetings. Become informed. Ask questions. Be willing to put in the effort with no expectation of personal gain. Do you have thick skin? Can you keep your emotions out of your head?

At this point no ladies have filed. We need balance. I am always eager and willing to chat. My phone is 970-948-3858.

Think about it. Nominating petitions must be submitted no later than Dec. 27 at 5 p.m.

Ward Hauenstein