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Harvey: A party-line state representative

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Don’t be fooled by letter writers claiming state Rep. Perry Will has done a good job representing our region. He has been a party line voter with the Republicans every year he has been in the state legislature.

He has no business representing rural and resort communities. For instance, he consistently voted against measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in buildings, transit and oil and gas drilling. And, he voted against a bill to help the state cope with the fentanyl crisis.

Elizabeth Velasco is the right choice for our district. She is a strong advocate for the environment and understands the need to take real action to protect our public lands and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. She has worked hard over the years to make our communities better places to live.

Once in the legislature, she will continue her work to support community-based programs in health care, education and social services.
Please join me in voting for Elizabeth Valesco for House District 57. 

Allyn Harvey