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Hanson: RIP, Pat Fox

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The Fox has moved on into a new phase in this universe. But his presence while with us was sometimes overwhelming.

He built the first sand volleyball court in Woody Creek holding small tourneys from time to time. Fox Farm was a interesting array of buildings. An old cabin possibly brought from town. A small duplex alongside the cabin and the barn.

But it is the roof that gained the most notoriety. One day, he decided to paint a giant middle finger facing the highway and the air traffic above. Several years later, he had an artist friend paint the blue sky and clouds in. Pat was an instant celebrity because of the barn.

Why did he do it? Give them something to talk about, he said. While on the Aspen Ski Patrol, he had a nickname — Billy Sol Estes — given to him because of his entrepreneurial nature. He was a master schemer in how to make money in tough Aspen. Aspen required it.

Aspen has had many characters, and I have met many. But the unforgettable Pat Fox was an original. RIP, my good buddy. We miss you bigily.

Andy Hanson