Hampleman: Takeaway from GOP debate

It has become obvious: The GOP is the anti-democracy and republic, pro-authoritarian and kleptocracy. They are backing P01135809 for president and are flocking to support this grifter who has given them the mugshot mug and tee shirt. Supporting their cult leader over the Constitution which is irrepressible in itself. But it is unconscionable that they are also pro-crime, pro-white supremacists, anti-military, pro-Putin, and pro just about every dictator in the world.

They have also given us the senior Senator and ex-football coach T. Hawley Tuberville who is holding the entire military hostage because of his extreme anti-abortion and therefore anti-women views, while the other members of his party ignore his antics and the long-term harm they are doing. I am pretty sure that Tubs gets two happy faces from both Putin and Xi Jinping.

My takeaway from the GOP debate, or debacle, was that it is apparent that a sane GOP no longer exists, and that there is no real opposition to P01135809 for president. If P01135809 wins the election, we will witness the end of the USA as the “shinning city on a hill.”

Dick Hampleman


Letter to the Editor