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Hampleman: Our last free election?

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Mussolini gave birth and application to the idea of a totalitarian state. The three branches of power — the executive, legislative, and judiciary — became one under the Duce’s hand.

This came up when I typed “fascism” and “judges” in a general search. Change the name to “Trump” and the statement becomes topical. The recent decision by Chief Supreme Court Justice Roberts is another nail in democracy’s coffin.

Many are saying that this midterm is the most important election ever. I believe that every election is the most important. Democracy and freedom are not rights; they are gifts. To preserve these gifts, we must honor our commitment to the U.S. Constitution in every election and remember what could be lost.

This election may not be the most important ever, but it may be our last free election. Why? Because many of the Republicans are election deniers even though they know they are spewing lies. They also gave us Jan. 6. But, to them, power trumps truth, and power equals money. You can see exactly what the Republicans want by reviewing the recent actions of the Supreme Court to rewrite the Constitution. Roe vs. Wade and Roberts’ most recent pronouncement are only the beginning.

Unfortunately, voters are not voting to prevent us from becoming a kleptocracy like Russia. They are instead voting to protect their pocketbooks.

But, the Democrats are not responsible for higher world gas prices. The oil companies and their collective greed are. BP profits more than doubled; Exxon at $19.7 billion quarterly profits — their highest ever; Chevron, $11.2 billion, their second highest; Shell, $11.5 billion …. You see the trend?

And, what do oil companies do? They don’t put their profits into solving the energy conundrum; they buy back their stocks. They pocket the money and donate to the ultra-conservatives whose goal is kleptocracy.

Richard Hampleman